Back To Blogging/An Update

One of my goals for 2015 was to get back in to blogging and also blog more consistently than I have in the past. I really enjoy blogging as I find it's not only a good creative outlet (who do I think I am...creative outlet?!) but it also means that I get to babble on about the things I love. 
I let my blog slip a bit about 9 months ago because I started a new job as the Brand Manager of Oushka and moved out from my Mum's house in St. Margaret's to an amazing flat in Tooting with Jack. Anyone who has tried to hunt down the perfect flat in London for an amount that doesn't bring tears to your eyes and sick to your mouth will tell you this is not an easy task. I spent about 2 weeks being hassled by estate agent's, dragging myself from one grim disappointing property to another and wearing a blazer. A blazer. Eventually I found what I can only describe as the perfect flat for Jack and me. It's a Victorian conversion flat with 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms (our en suite has his and hers sinks!) and a big open plan kitchen/living room. I'm not going to say that it's all thanks to me but Jack was away skiing sooo...
Anyway, I've got carried away talking about our flat again (the novelty still hasn't worn off) and what I really wanted to say is I'm back to blogging. I've received some really kind and positive encouragement over the last few months from people who enjoyed reading it and thought I should carry on. So here I am! 
I will be blogging about beauty, skincare, style and (as requested) the recipes for the meals I make. I'm excited! 


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